In the spring and fall, AWISH offers a 6-week comprehensive course for those who have arthritis or any related condition.  The course is entitled Living with Arthritis - Taking charge of my pain and living well.  Participants learn to manage their aches by first understanding what pain is, and then developing the strategies to live a better, fruitful life.  This course is taught by a qualified instructor who brings an open and positive approach to the disease.  All documents/handouts are included in the cost and upon request, a receipt for tax purposes is provided.  The course outline is as follows:

Week 1:  What is arthritis? / Facts about arthritis / What is pain?
Week 2:  Developing a winning strategy / The arthritis team / Complementary therapies / Medications & supplements
Week 3:  Nutrition & arthritis / Exercise
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Week 4:  Sleep / Rest & energy conservation / Relaxation & meditation
Week 5:  Laughter & joy / Activities of daily living / The workplace
Week 6:  Grief & acceptance / Surgery / Intimacy